Calibration Service


Taking a professional, fast, and reliable approach to handling service cases or required calibrations of your devices are decisive factors in ensuring success in today’s competitive market environment

FO Technology

Laser 2000 is committed to providing optimal support when dealing with your concern. Our experienced employees are here to help you. We now offer calibration for fiber optic measurement technology, OTDR, LAN, or protocol measurement technology from various manufacturers.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance is one of the most important criteria for modern splicing technology. Although FITEL devices are optimized for low maintenance, robustness, and long service life, regular maintenance of the devices (once a year) is recommended. Laser 2000 offers regular service checks and maintenance and repair services for all FITEL splicers and fiber splitters.

Professional, Fast, and Reliable Execution

Our trained technicians and support engineers perform the desired or required maintenance and repair work at our facilities, quickly and reliably. This results in short downtimes for your devices. Of course, a large number of rental equipment is also available to you (subject to availability) for a fee while service work is being performed, or to help you meet other requirements.

Device Calibration

As a special service, Laser 2000 offers ISO-qualified calibration of almost all optical devices: VIAVI, Noyes, Rifocs (Tempo), and much more. You can send us your optical power meter and light sources, OTDRs, and so on for calibration. The range of calibration possibilities extends to all common wavelength ranges for different device types. Simply let us know the device in question’s manufacturer and model, and we will provide you with information immediately – no red tape.

All-in-one Principle/ISO 9001 Calibration

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to make use of the all-in-one principle: The different device types are recalibrated at a calibration station and certified according to ISO 9001 with the original calibration certificate.

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Light Meters

Calibrations of optometers with measuring heads and integrating spheres

Regular quality controls for measuring instruments are required by quality assurance standards. Moreover, there is an even more compelling reason to certify the accuracy of your measuring instruments again and again: the feeling of security this provides. After all, you can only rely on the reliability of your measurements if you know that your equipment is working properly. The manufacturer recommends calibrating the measuring system every 12 months.

This creates a sense of certainty that is equally important for your company and for your customers.

Your advantages:
  • Check all functions
  • Maintain performance
  • Recalibration with calibration certificate

Calibration of all standards and targets for various manufacturers

The manufacturer recommends calibration according to the NIST and PTB standards every 12 months.

  • Measure the degree of reflection
  • Surface cleaning
  • Recalibration and creation of a certificate according to NIST and PTB standards

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The manufacturer recommends calibration according to the NIST/PTB standard every 12 months. This ensures reliable measurement data at all times, absolute reproducibility of your measurements, and optimal functioning of the measuring head.
Calibration of power and energy meters

Bild Laser 2000 Kalibrierungsservice

The uncertainties and possible drifts of all measuring devices increase over time. For this reason, calibration certificates are only valid for a limited period, and recalibrations are an urgent requirement for many processes.

We offer recalibration of your LaserPoint measuring devices and recommend that this be carried out every 12 months. To this end, please send us your measuring heads by the first Friday of the month in which you would like the recalibration to be carried out.

The processing time is five working days.

Your advantages::
  • Reliable measurement data for demanding applications at all times
  • Absolute reproducibility of your measurements
  • Receipt of a certificate according to NIST and PTB standards
  • The product to be calibrated should be provided to us together with the calibration order at the respective calibration period. Otherwise, calibration will be done one month later.
  • The customer assumes the costs for transporting the goods (including return shipping) and is responsible for ensuring sufficient transport safety.
  • If the calibration object proves incapable of being calibrated, an alternative is offered.
  • Recalibration according to NIST and PTB standards also includes minor repairs and the issuance of a calibration certificate.
  • If individual accessories such as cables, power supply, adapters, and so on are required for the operation of the calibration object, these must be provided.

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