RMA Conditions


We help ... Our main goal is to provide our customers with optimal support in the realization of your duties. If, in spite of all of our efforts, a device does not work as intended, we would like to ask you to do the following to facilitate quick processing:

RMA Number

You will need a Laser 2000 Return Material Application (RMA) number for each item you send in to Laser 2000. To receive this number, please contact our service department by phone, fax, or e-mail in advance. This number is valid for 30 days; afterwards, it can no longer be used, and returns can no longer be accepted. You will receive a Return Material Application (RMA) for all returns. This must be included in the accompanying documents along with the product and be entered onto the outside address label. Unfortunately, we cannot accept return shipments without corresponding identification (including the RMA number), and must therefore send them back via freight collect.


Before you return a device, please check the operating instructions to see if there is really a defect or malfunction present that does not correspond to the specifications. In the case of unauthorized returns, we have to charge you for our working time with a fixed check-out fee of at least €130. The warranty coverage is, in principle, no longer applicable in the case of unauthorized repairs, removed serial numbers/type plates, or improper handling.

Please always return the system to us in the original packaging with all accessories included.


Please always send back all accessories with which the system was originally delivered and operated; the defect often lies in an accessory and not in the system itself. However, please send only accessories that are included with the system. We do not accept any liability for any other material provided.


You send in your returns carriage free; in the case of a warranty claim, we send postage free. Please do not take out any additional transport insurance. Each of your shipments is insured within the framework of our insurance (transport insurance certificate = TVS).

Malfunctions Outside the Warranty Period

We calculate an inspection fee according to cost, scope, and device type (at least €130). Please note that additional costs (for additional transport, higher inspection costs, etc.) can be incurred because of a necessary check at the manufacturer’s facilities. These cannot be listed as fixed costs, as they vary. Please contact our Service team for details. We will check your malfunctioning device and help you determine the most economically advantageous possibility (repair or new purchase). If you decide to repair your defective device, you will only be charged the proposed cost of repair. The calculation of the inspection fee is inapplicable. Similarly, the inspection fee is not applicable for new purchases.
We need a qualified fault description with an indication of the type and extent of the damage or error. All cost estimates are non-binding and are based on the delivery conditions of the respective manufacturer.

Please note: In order to ensure fast processing of your returns, only send us completed and signed requests – we cannot process them otherwise!
Thank you for your cooperation.