03/05/2019 | SWIR Camera with Outstanding Full-HD Image Resolution

With the cameras of its new partner SWIR Vision Systems, Laser 2000, Wessling (Germany), supplements its portfolio with Colloidal-Quantum-Dot technology. The pioneering sensor technology makes using SWIR cameras attractive for new applications. Despite a considerably higher resolution than previously possible, the production costs have been reduced noticeably. Laser 2000 exclusively offers that innovation to its customers in the D-A-CH region, Scandinavia, France, and on the Iberian Peninsula.

Quantum-dot-based devices have already been used in the consumer electronics industry to make next generation flat panel displays. With the Acuros cameras of the U.S. partner SWIR Vision Systems, Laser 2000 customers now also have the opportunity to use that advanced technology. The products reach Full-HD resolution of up to 1920x1080 pixels, and deliver low noise performance and high frame rates.

Up to now, one had to generally rely on VGA (640x512) InGaAs sensors for SWIR imaging. However, making the move to multi-megapixel imagers has proven to be very cost-intensive for InGaAs technology. With the CQD manufacturing process, the cost savings of the new SWIR products are significant. “The high definition cameras will open up a completely new range of applications. In addition to the security and surveillance sector, and semiconductor wafer inspection segments where SWIR cameras have already been used, they will be applied to further applications such as machine vision, photonics, and the automotive industry,” explains Laser 2000 CEO Dr. Katrin Kobe.