Unique Deep UV Diode Laser Module

    The 261 nm laser module Laser 2000 with 10 mW CW power impresses thanks to the ultra-compact design and simple handling.

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  • SWIR Vision

    SWIR camera with extremely high resolution!

    High Definition SWIR Vision solutions for your applications

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  •  Compact ultra-fast lasers

    Compact ultra-fast lasers

    Peak and femtosecond lasers with high performance and easy handling and maintenance, for Micromachining and Biophotonics.

  • Laser & Light Sources

    Laser 2000 offers a very broad portfolio of lasers and broadband light sources for a wide range of applications, ranging from discrete laser diodes and VCSELs, to diode lasers and solid-state lasers, through to high-performance lasers, including short-pulse lasers, fiber lasers, and excimer lasers. Applications include laser material processing, measurement technology, spectroscopy, biomedical technology (including microscopy applications), and much more.

  • Laser Material Processing

    While laser beam sources have been established in the field of material processing for a long time, current developments are constantly opening up new opportunities for the use of high-performance lasers. Laser 2000 offers an innovative portfolio of lasers and components for laser material processing. In addition to femtosecond lasers, fiber lasers, and excimer lasers, we also offer high-power lasers with new wavelengths, for example, for laser cutting and laser welding. Scanners, process heads, and optomechanical components complete our comprehensive range.

  • Laser Safety

    With the steadily growing number of laser applications, laser safety has become an increasingly important issue. The use of class 3R and higher lasers requires some very extensive precautions to ensure safe working conditions for the laser. In order to meet these requirements, Laser 2000 offers a comprehensive portfolio of laser safety products, as well as the appropriate consulting in order to support safety at the laser workstation in the best possible way. The products are tested and certified according to the currently valid laser safety standards.

  • Laser Test & Measurement

    A variety of laser test equipments are required to investigate the different laser parameters and characteristics required for the successful use of a laser according to the given application. From measuring instruments for laboratories, to devices that serve as an integral part of a laser system, to flexible field measurement technology, different measuring devices are available based on the latest state of the art. Important devices include ones for power and energy measurement, beam profiling and M² measurement, divergence and angle measurement, wavelength and position measurement, and, in connection with this, the stabilization of all laser parameters.

  • Optics & Optomechanics

    Laser 2000 offers optics components such as mirrors, lenses, optical filters, polarizers, and prisms. These optical elements are essential for the construction of laser systems or optical measuring instruments. In addition, we offer a wide range of accessories for mechanical elements used in the field of optomechanics. Our products range from simple brackets, to fine lens and mirror holders, to various manual positioning elements. Actively or passively attenuated optical benches are available to serve as a basis for structures. These can be used to flexibly implement a wide range of applications, as well as to virtually fully equip entire laboratories.

  • Scan & Motion Systems

    Many laser applications require precise and fast positioning of workpieces or lasers. The large Laser 2000 portfolio of linear stages, rotary stages, goniometers, and vertical stages as well as multi-axis systems covers a wide range of solutions for many different applications. Our products handle travel distances up to several meters, accuracies up to the nanometer range, and speeds up to several meters per second, and can be optimized for various loads and applications. We offer scanning solutions using galvanometer scanners and polygonal scanners in various designs for fast deflection of the laser beam or visual inspection systems.

  • Machine Vision

    Machine Vision is an integral part of today’s automated, fast-moving industrial applications. It represents one of the most essential core competences in the production of goods. Typical fields of application for Machine Vision are 2D/3D measurement, parts and position recognition, and error detection. Laser 2000 focuses on applications with line lasers and DOE lasers (RPP), 3D stereo Machine Vision, and LEDs for line and bar lighting. We also develop special 3D camera systems for laser scanning applications.

  • Cameras

    Cameras are needed for Machine Vision, astronomy, microscopy, and many other imaging applications. Our extensive product portfolio of optical detectors and camera solutions includes silicon detectors, InGaAs cameras, vacuum detectors with low dark current, image intensifiers, and residual light cameras for single-photon detection. The products in our portfolio fulfill the most stringent requirements in terms of sensitivity and speed. For example, multispectral cameras that are based on prisms can be used to record different wavelength ranges, and line cameras can be used to inspect continuous material.

  • Test & Measurement

    Our range of optical test equipment products includes devices for recording, displaying, and evaluating the properties of optical radiation as well as measuring devices in the field of fiber optic cable technology. Optical measurement methods are used in the fields of production, quality control, transport, biometric recording, and medicine, as well as for test solutions in the telecommunications environment and for fiber optic applications. To this end, we offer products such as spectrometers, systems for beam analysis and stabilization, attenuation and OTDR measuring devices for fiber optic cables, and polarization controllers and analyzers.

  • Fiber Optics

    Our fiber optics product portfolio ranges from active components such as transceivers, transmitter diodes, and reception didoes to passive components such as splitters, WDMs, CWDMs, DWDMs, and optical switches. In addition, we also provide fibers and cables as well as pre-assembled patch cords/pigtails. Cable management systems such as splice boxes or 19-inch racks and corresponding plug-ins are important for maintaining an overview of network infrastructure. Special components are available for harsh environments that can withstand extreme requirements. Fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) also play an important role in fiber sensor technology.

  • Fiber Preparation

    Cleavers or polishing machines are required to process fiber end surfaces and fiber optic cable connectors. A splicer is required for the loss-free connection of two fibers. In general, a distinction is made between core centering and clad centering. Before the fibers are processed, it is particularly important to clean the end faces or ferrules of optical fibers and connectors. Cleaning cartridges or swabs are used for this.

  • Network Engineering

    Our network technology range includes components, systems, and solutions for optical transmission technology for telecom and industrial applications. We offer media converters and Ethernet/FTTX network terminators, CWDM/DWDM multiplexers, as well as Ethernet switches and optical cross-connects. Finally, we also provide differentiating technology through layer 1 encryption and intelligent cybersecurity functionality.

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Vortran Laser Technology

Laser 2000 - Innovations in Photonics

For over 30 years, Laser 2000 has been offering innovative laser and photonics solutions in cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers, providing customized solutions from a single source. Photonics is our passion and profession. We stand behind the value of our products and services, we are passionate about optical technologies, and we are always abreast of cutting-edge, innovative photonics products, technologies, and application options. Our highly qualified team of technicians and engineers has successfully advised more than 14,000 customers and sold products and solutions to them in 60 countries around the world. read more

Laser 2000 is the European expert for components and systems in the fields of laser and light sources, laser material processing, laser protection, measurement technology, optics and optomechanics, machine vision, fiber optics, and network technology. In the area of laser production, we offer everything necessary to enable precision, from components to modules – in the form of optics, optomechanics, pump sources, acoustic and electro-optics, and measurement technology.

Laser beam sources are one of the key pillars of photonics. The Laser 2000 range of products for the field of lasers and light sources, ranging from VCSELs and laser diodes, to modules and systems, through to high-performance lasers for material processing, is correspondingly extensive. A complete range of measuring technology and all necessary components for laser protection, such as safety goggles, laser protection cabins, laser protection clothing, and complete systems for electronic room safeguarding, tops off our portfolio.

For the fields of microscopy and spectroscopy, we offer innovative and high-quality individual components such as optical components for beam guidance, special mechanics for precise positioning, and various measuring instruments.

The tremendous experience of our technical experts ensures optimal consulting for laser material processing with short pulses and meets the highest demands with regard to high-end lighting and cameras for machine vision, such as lasers, LED line lighting, and LED surface and spot lighting. back
2D/3D surveying, part and position recognition, and fault detection are essential for the quality control of automated and controlled production processes. Continuous developments of future-oriented technologies improve all workflows. When it comes to material processing and quality testing with lasers or optical systems, we offer complete high-end systems to ensure the highest precision when positioning optical tools or workpieces, alongside proven components such as motors and axes. read more

Various drive, bearing, and control technologies ensure that the right positioning unit is always found for machines used for approximate to nanometer-precise applications. We provide professional assistance with the design, planning, construction, and operation of fiber optic networks. We offer a wide range of products for processing and handling: numerous tools, measuring devices, and cleaning materials, such as splicers, fiber splitting tools, attenuation measurement technology, OTDR measurement technology in the form of modular platforms, microscopes for connector surface inspection, patch cables, and optical fiber pigtails.

Fiber optic cables are becoming increasingly relevant for applications in sensor technology and medical technology as well as in mechanical engineering and photonics. They are used, for example, as probes in medicine or in beam generation and beam guidance for laser marking and material processing.

The Laser 2000 Academy provides support in the form of seminars and workshops, with a comprehensive range of offerings on the topics of optical simulation, optical measurement technology, fiber optic and network technology, and laser protection. In addition to basic and special seminars, we also offer the option to conduct individual seminars at the customer’s premises.

Our passion for the fascinating world of photons informs the way we think and act. Based on this, our goal is to create the highest level of customer satisfaction and, as a company, to further expand our leading position on the European photonics market in the ‘photonics century’. back