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Our range of optics and optomechanics products comprises components for the extensive field of applications that involve the manipulation of light, especially lasers. Laser 2000 offers a wide range of standard products to this end. These include, among others, manual and motorized optical mountings and translation stages, as well as products in the fields of fiber, acoustic, and electro-optics.

It is very important to be able to fulfill special requests using customer-specific solutions. This may involve making a modification to special dimensions, creating a design out of special materials, or motorizing mechanical elements. These kinds of adjustments are often necessary for applications in a vacuum or for use in large series.

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  • The transmission Flats are available as stand-alone or mounted optics. The fixed transmission Flats fit into any industry standard "Fizeau interferometer" and are easy to install or exchangeable.

  • El sistema de espejo deformable PTT111 DM consta de un espejo deformable de alta respuesta calibrado en fábrica y unido a una electrónica de control de precisión y bajo ruido

  • The Laser-Line Mirrors of Advanced Thin Films provide superior film quality and uniformity results in environmentally stable optics with laser damage thresholds exceeding 40 J/cm2 at 1064 nm

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