Laser 2000 was founded in 1986 by Armin Luft in Munich, Germany. Since then, the company has grown steadily and expanded throughout Europe. With offices in almost all relevant European countries, the company is now by far the largest sales company in the field of photonics. Since 1986, the company has made a name for itself as a professional consultant and supplier of innovative laser and photonic solutions.

Based on manufacturer-independent system solutions, the company works together with the world’s most innovative manufacturers to provide optimal solutions for customers and their applications. Our employees have already successfully advised more than 14,000 customers, and sell products and solutions to them in 60 countries around the world.

Photonics is a cross-sectional technology that is present in all major industries today, and which enjoys far-above-average growth. Various fields, such as mechanical engineering, medical technology, sensor technology, test and measurement technology, telecommunications, analytics, image processing, data transmission, material processing, safety engineering, aerospace, and much more, increasingly rely on the benefits of photonic solutions.

  • Lasers are ubiquitous tools; they make data transmission and broadband Internet possible. Through the use of lasers and fiber optic networks, the volume of data transferred worldwide was increased by a factor of 10 million over the past ten years.
  • Efficiency, precision, and quality in industrial production have also rapidly developed as a result of laser technology. Thanks to laser-based manufacturing processes, the storage capacity of chips doubles each year.
  • Through the use of various laser sources, microscopy has made important strides in the investigation of living cells, the deepening of scientific knowledge, and the development of medical diagnostics. Fiber optics enable minimally invasive surgery.
  • Optical sensor technology is revolutionizing conventional mechanical sensor technologies due to its EMV immunity.
  • Autonomous driving is made possible through photonics, and automation technology and many other fields are increasingly making use of photonic technologies.
  • Optical data networks form the backbone and the basis for Industry 4.0.

We have now left the ‘century of electronics’ and entered the century of photonics.