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Colorimeter Hyperion

Reference: ADM-Hyperion

The Hyperion colorimeter from Admesy offers a unique combination of high speed and accurate colour measurement capabilities packed in a robust jacket.

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Product description

Colorimeter Hyperion

The Hyperion series colorimeter from Admesy is the successor of our successful MSE platform colorimeter. The Hyperion offers even better filter characteristics compared to other colorimeters and ultra high sensitivity packed in a typical robust and compact Admesy jacket. The colorimeter Hyperion is truly the next level colorimeter, the ultimate user-friendly system for in-line colour measurement applications and display production.

Colorimeter Hyperion highlights

  • Nearly perfect CIE1931 filter characteristics
  • Higher sensitivity: lower noise circuit
  • High dynamic range
  • High speed luminance & colour measurements for accurate flicker measurements
  • All calculations done inside, including JEITA, for ease integration
  • Colour measurement in XYZ, Yxy, Yu’v’
  • Other colour spaces available via a supplied colour library
  • USB and RS232 communication interfaces

General Specifications of the colorimeter Hyperion


USB 2.0

USBMTC compliant, SCPI command set, high speed device

RS 232

For PC and embedded purposes, using same

command set as USB

Trigger in & out

5 V compliant

Power ratings









USB power

4.75 V

8.75 V

5.25 V

300 mA

9 V power

8.75 V

9.00 V

9.25 V

300 mA

Measurement system

Photo detector

3 silicon photo diode using XYZ interference filter

Spectral response

Approximates CIE 1931 colour matching functions

Measurement parameters

XYZ, Yxy, Yuv, correlated color temperature (CCT), dominant wavelength DWL, Flicker, Response time

Size (H x W x D)

53 x 70 x 147 mm (without lens system)


12 M3 threat holes spread over four sides

Downloads - Colorimeter Hyperion


Data sheet: Accessories

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