Spectro- and Highspeed-Colorimeter

Reference: ADM-Cronus

The Cronus from Admesy is world’s first spectro-colorimeter combining a VIS spectrometer with a tri-stimulus colorimeter. It combines peak wavelength measurements, color temperature and high-speed flicker during a single test.

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Product description

Spectro-Colorimeter Cronus from Admesy

The Cronus is world’s first spectro-colorimeter combining a VIS spectrometer with a tri-stimulus colorimeter. This unique combination allows the user to choose between detailed spectral information of the spectrometer and high speed colour, light and flicker measurements of the colorimeter. The spectro-colorimeter Cronus is well suited for lighting and display applications where both speed and accuracy is needed. The spectro-colorimeter Cronus is available in a fiber, lens and cosine corrector version. Just as other Admesy products it is developed with industrial use in mind combining measurement excellence with ease of use, minimal calibration needs in a compact and robust design. The spectro-colorimeter Cronus offers high end laboratory results with a workforce attitude.

Highlights of the spectro-colorimeter

  • Combination of spectrometer and colorimeter
  • LED, lighting and display measurement device
  • Measures xy, CRI, CCT, luminance, spectrum, flicker
  • Up to 50.000 luminance samples per second
  • Spectral range 380 - 780 nm
  • Fiber, lens or cosine corrector configuration
  • Autorange function
  • Mechanical shutter
  • Excellent linearity
  • Dark current compensated
  • Numerous interfaces (USB, RS232, Ethernet), ideal for system integration
  • USBTMC compliant, SCPI command set, high speed device
  • All calculations are done inside

Specifications of the spectro-colorimeter

Spectral measurement system

Spectral range

380 - 780 nm

Optical resolution (FWHM)

2.3 nm

Integration time

2.5 ms - 20 s

Stray light

<0.03 %

Non - Linearity

<1 %

Colorimeter measurement system

Photo detector

Silicon photo diode using XYZ interference filters

Spectral response

Approximates CIE 1931 colour matching functions

Integration time

1ms – 7s

Flicker measurement speed

Luminance at 22000samples / second

System configurations

Working distance versus

spot size 20mm

50 mm

100 mm

150 mm

22 mm

24,5 mm

27 mm

Acceptance angle

+/- 2.1 degrees


High speed USB, RS232, Ethernet, Trigger connections


1200 gram

Size (HxWxD)

137 x 88 x 74mm (without lens system)

Shutter lifetime


Shutter speed

70 ms - 120 ms (close or open time, depending on temperature and lifetime)

Operating temperature

10 - 35 °C

Power consumption

1750 mW (USB powered)

Admesy company introduction from Steven Goetstouwers on Vimeo.

Downloads - Spectro- and Highspeed-Colorimeter


Data sheet: Cronus Display Specification

Download (2.22M)

Data sheet: Cronus LED Specification

Download (2.66M)

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