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Compact Time Delay Coil

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Compact Time Delay Coil

Winding a large fiber spool is easy; but making compact and low loss fiber coils demands attention, precision, and skills. With specially designed & computerized machinery and proprietary manufacturing process, we can produce extremely low insertion loss fiber coils that fit your budget and tight space. No more large fiber spools to occupy your precious space and no more high loss associated with the small size! Our optical fiber coil fills a long overdue vacuum in the photonics market, where large time delay and small size are essential. Each coil is ruggedly packaged to withstand various environments in field applications. Bare coils are available for OEM applications.


Insertion Loss:typ < 0,3 dB/km / max 0,5 dB/km (above intrinsic loss)
Fiber Length:10 m up to 4 km
Operating Wavelength:1260 - 1650 nm standard (other specify)
Fiber Type:Corning SMF-28 (other specify)
Dimensions:152,4 x 152,4 x 40,4 mm

  • Compact for easy integration into modules
  • Low insertion loss
  • Customized delay length
  • Rugged construction
  • Variety of fiber types
  • Wide spectral response range
  • Plug 'n' play for easy use

  • Optical buffer for optical networks
  • Gyroscope, sensor, and signal processing
  • Radar calibration and instrument calibration
  • Laser spectroscopic measurement
  • Time delay for opto-electronics oscillators
  • Nonlinear fiber loop
  • Optical network testing and analyzing
  • Optical packet switching, buffering, routing and input/output synchronization

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