Switch Splitter Repeater for CL

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CLever: Switch, Splitter, Repeater

The CLever product family is designed for Camera Link applications. It connects two cameras and two frame grabbers with independently controllable image data path, camera control signals and serial communication. Images from cameras can be split to two frame grabbers for parallel processing or multiplexed into one frame grabber for cost saving. Control signals can be sent from the same frame grabber to different cameras for synchronization. Moreover, CLever can also be used as a repeater for Medium or dual Base configurations. Users can control the unit via a RS232 port or by the DIP switch on the front panel. The multiple functionalities provide great flexibility on system integration and cost saving solutions.

2x2 CL-SwitchX--
CL Image MulitplexerX--
CL Image SplitterXX-
Single Base RepeaterXXX
Dual Base/Medium RepeaterX-X

Technical Specifications
Operating temperatur 0~70°C
Voltage DC 5 ~ 24V
Current 200mA @ 12V
Power consumption 2,4W pro unit
Housing size147x40x98mm
Power PlugSwitchcraft TA3F locking connector

Camera Link Interface

Pixel Clock 20 to 85MHz
Image Data width24bits
Image EnablesFVAL, LVAL, DVAL, CC4
Camera Control CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4
CommunicationSertTC, SerTFG
Plug TypeMDR26 receptacle

PLease order:
PHT-CLever-SW -> Switch
PHT-CLever-SP -> Splitter
PHT-CLever-RP -> Repeater

A unit consits of:
1x CLever box
1x 12V DC output international wall mount AC/DC power adapter with locking plug
1x DB9 6 ft. female-female null modem cable
1x User manual

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