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Telecentric Laser Projector

Referencia L2S-SL-TPL-Laser

Telecentric Laser Projector for high precision 3D structured lighting inspection applications.

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Telecentric Laser Projector from Osela

Telecentric Laser Projector (TLP) provides parallel non angular laser line illumination as opposed to conventional lasers lines that projects a diverging fan. The TLP has the advantage of reducing object occlusions on your image plane critical for 3D high precision structured lighting applications. In these applications the TLP evenly illuminates the complete part under inspection in order to achieve the measurement accuracy required.

Advantages of the Telecentric Laser Projector

Another advantage of the Telecentric Laser Projector is that its thickness is constant over its entire length. In applications such as semiconductor inspection, it is very important to have micron thin line over the entire length. With conventional fan out laser lines it is not possible to have both a thin line over a wide field due to depth of focus limitations. With the TLP, its parallel non angular illumination design allows for constant micron thin lines over large field of views.

Features of the Telecentric Laser Projector

  • Constant thickness over entire line length 
  • Collimated line length 
  • Reduced image occlusion 
  • Line thickness down to 5 ?m 
  • Line length up to 100 mm 
  • Uniform line intensity profile

Secifications of the Telecentric Laser Projector

Bore sight (mrad)

< 3 mrad

Wavelength Drift

? 0.25 nm/ degC

Pointing Stability

< 6 ?rad/°C

Modulation Rise/Fall time

< 5? sec, 100% modulation depth (10 Kohm input impedance)

Protections (Built in)

ESD, Over voltage (up to 30 VDC), Over-temp Shutoff (> 50 deg C)

Long term Power stability (8 hours)

< 3 %, 2 minute warm up time

Operating Voltage

5 ± 0.5 VDC, 4.5 to 30 V Optional (9 - 30 V for < 635 nm)

Working Temp Range

-10 to to +50 °C (housing)


< 1500 g

Power Supply Cable

18 inches 3 conductors Belden 9533, with flying leads

ESD Protection

Level 4

Shock Tolerance

30 g, 6 ms, functional

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