Camera Link Optical Extender

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Product description
Optical Transmission of Cameral Link Image Data

Camera Link is a high-speed camera/frame grabber interface designed for high performance vision applications. Standard copper links can deliver the signal only for 10 meters or shorter, which prevents it from being used in many applications where longer distance image transmission is required between the camera and the frame grabber. To overcome such limitations, we designed our high-performance Camera Link Optical Extender (PHOX) product to extend data transmission distance up to 50 kilometers over Fibre-optic links without any kind of repeaters or amplifiers.
PHOX provides an excellent solution for applications that use Camera Link standard and require long-haul image data transmission.

The PHOX system consists of a pairs of extender modules, PHOX-CM connecting to camera and PHOX-FG connecting to the frame grabber (or PC) side. The PHOX-CM receives video date from the camera through copper Camera Link cable, converts the data into optical signals and sends them out through optical Fibre. The PHOX-FG receives the optical signals, converts them back into video data and sends them out to the frame grabber through the copper Camera Link cable. With the PHOX system, the signal transmission distance between the camera and the frame grabber can be extended up to 50 kilometers without any repeaters or amplifiers in between. Most importantly, the PHOX system is totally transparent to the camera and the frame grabber, which means seamless and easy system integration.


Base Configuration
24bit, 66MHz (85MHz optional)

ModelTransmission Distance
PHT-PHOX-BM-00250Muti-mode Fibre, up to250m
PHT-PHOX-BL-10Single-mode Fibre, up to10km
PHT-PHOX-BL-20Single-mode Fibre, up to20km
PHT-PHOX-BL-40Single-mode Fibre, up to40km
PHT-PHOX-BL-50Single-mode Fibre, up to50km

Dual Base Configuration
2x 24bit, 66MHz (85MHz optional)

ModelTransmission Distance
PHT-PHOX-B2M-250Mulit-mode Fibre, up to250m
PHT-PHOX-B2L-10Single-mode Fibre, up to10km
PHT-PHOX-B2L-20Single-mode Fibre, up to20km
PHT-PHOX-B2L-40Single-mode Fibre, up to40km
PHT-PHOX-B2L-50Single-mode Fibre, up to50km

Medium Configuration
2x24bit, 66MHz (85MHz optional)

Modeltransmission Distance
PHT-PHOX-MM-250Mulit-mode Fibre, up to250m
PHT-PHOX-ML-10Single-mode Fibre, up to10km
PHT-PHOX-ML-20Single-mode Fibre, up to20km
PHT-PHOX-ML-40Single-mode Fibre, up to40km
PHT-PHOX-ML-50Single-mode Fibre, up to50km

A full system will be delivered which will consist of the following parts:

1x PHOX-CM (inverter camera side)
1x PHOX-FG (inverter Framgrabber side)
2x AC/DC Power supply with screw plug (12V DC)
2x DB9 Plug/jack cable for RS232 (ca. 2m)
4x DB9 Plug/jack cable for RS232 (ca. 2m) for Dual Base

Maximum transporting distance in kilometers. Available in 10KM, 20KM, 40KM, and 50KM.
Distance depending on Fibre type and system design. 250 m transmission distance for PHOX-BM is based on 50/125 MM Fibre.
Extra optical losses in the system will reduce the maximum transmission distance.

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