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Fast Tunable Light Source

Reference: BRI-TLS200

Fuente sintonizable basada en filtros acusto ópticos

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Product description
Fast Tunable Light Source based on AOTF Technology

The TLS200 is a newly developed state-of-the-art product by Brimrose which consists of white light source (Brimrose or customer provided), AOTF device, beam forming optics and AOTF driver. It is designed for time-resolvable microscopy applications if the customer would like to switch wavelengths within 20µs or pump multifrequency RF power to the AOTF to get multi-lines simultaneously. The AOTF driver is computer controlled using a Windows based software.

Brimrose offers several versions of the mechanical design in order to interface with different microscopes such as: Zeiss Axioskop 6, Axioplan, Axiotron, and Nikon Diaphot 200/300. TLS-200 can also be available for other microscopes.

Advantages of the TLS 200 include High Speed Microsecond Switching, Solid-State, No Moving Parts, Fiber Coupled and Compact Size. The TLS 200 is great for Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Also Normal, Fluorescence and Raman Time-Resloved Spectral Imaging in the Biomedical Industry. Quality and Process Control in the Microelectronics Sector. We offer Laboratory and OEM Solutions.

    • Fluorescence Spectroscopy
    • Normal, Fluorescence, and Raman Time-Resolved
    • Spectral Imaging in Biomedical Industry
    • Quality and Process Control in Microelectronic Industry
    • Laboratory and OEM Applications

    • AOTF Solid-State Switching, NO MECHANICAL FILTER WHEEL
    • Up to 20µsec switching speeds
    • Rapid Continuous or Individual Wavelength Hopping
    • Wavelength Range covered 450-1700 nm (three versions)
    • Adjustable Electronic Neutral Density Filter for each Wavelength
    • Simultaneous Multi-Wavelength Switching also Available

    • Wavelength Ranges: 450-700nm, 600-1000nm, 900-1700nm
    • Spectral Resolutions: 2-5nm, 10nm, 5-20nm
    • Light Source: 35 Watt Pre-Aligned Tungsten Lamp
    • Optical Output: Fiber Light Guide ø 1/4 Inch (Brimrose provided)
    • Output Optical Power: > 0.1mW @ 800nm
    • Internal Driver Electronics Options:
      SPS model: scanning 15msec fmin to fmax or hopping 15msec.
      SPF model: scanning 20 µsec fmin to fmax or hopping 1msec
    • Standard PC Interface: RS232 modular cable with DB9 connector via serial port
    • Computer Requirements: Pentium Type Computer (> 500MHz) with Win 98SE/2000/XP
    • Software: Windows based control software
    • Power Requirements: 90-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
    • Weight: 7.6 Kg/16.7 lbs
    • Dimensions: W x H x D: 330mm x 180mm x 330mm
    • Options: USB computer interface available

For more details please see the datasheet in the download section on the right hand side.

Downloads - Fast Tunable Light Source

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