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Multi-Color Laser Source VersaLase

Reference: VOR-VersaLase

Fuente que combina varios láseres en su interior con un único control y salida óptica, sea en fibra, sea colimada. Especialmente indicada para aplicaciones de microscopía e imagen

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Product description
The new Vortran VersaLase™ laser module is a fully integrated, plug and play, and self-contained multiple wavelength output laser module. The patented sealed optical cavity and the innovative electronics give the VersaLaseTM unparalleled power stability, beam pointing stability, and low noise over time and temperature.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) software allows the user to control and monitor the module remotely via USB or RS-232. Up to 4 different wavelengths between 375 nm and 660 nm can be integrated having one common free space or fiber coupled output. The intensity modulation is given for each color separately either by laser diode current modulation or by an integrated AOM for 561 nm.

  • Wavelengths (nm): 405±5, 445±5, 473±5, 488±5, 532±1, 561±2, 637+5/-1, 642+2/-5, 660+4/-8
  • Spatial Mode: TEM00
  • Beam Diameter (mm, 1/e2): 0.8-1.3
  • Beam Divergence (mrad): < 1.0
  • M2 (typical): < 1.25
  • Beam Circularity: > 90%
  • Beam Centration (mm): < 0.5
  • Beam Alignment (mrad): < 5
  • Pointing Stability (µrad/?C): < 5
  • Power Stability (over 24 hours): < 0.5%
  • Polarization Orientation: Vertical ±2?
  • Polarization Extinction Ratio: > 100:1
  • RMS Noise (10 Hz to 10 MHz): <0.5% for 532 nm, <0.25% for 514 nm, <0.15% for 488 nm, <0.1% for all others
  • Communication: Mini-USB and RS-232

Downloads - Multi-Color Laser Source VersaLase


PN: modulation Vortran diode lasers

Download (174.94k)

Datasheet: stability Vortran diode lasers

Download (109.24k)

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