Solid State White-Light Source

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Product description

The new SOLA SM II offers a broad spectral range of 380 – 680 nm and thus is able to replace legacy xenon- or metal-halide lamps. 

With obviously more output power and a much longer lifetime and power stability the SOLA SM II is an ideal light source for most microscopes and endoscopes where manual on/off operation is sufficient.

As the SOLA SM II is not including any mercury and offers a very long life time, the advantage is not only the economical but also the ecological aspect.


·      High Intensity

·      Long Lifetime

·      Mercury free

·      Economical


·      Microscopy

·      HTS, HCS

·      Flow Cytometry

·      In Vivo Imaging

·      Endoscopy

·      Analytical chemistry

Technical Specifications:

·      Spectral range of ~380 - 680 nm

·      Power and intensity: ~2.5 W bzw. 30-40W/cm² with 3 mm liquid light guide

·      <![endif]>Filters: Not installed/included

·      <![endif]>Optional foot pedal (on/off)

·       Warmup time: 1 s

·      Lifetime: >20000 hours or. 12 month warranty

·      <![endif]>Dimensions (WxLxH): 12,5 x 16,3 x 26,3 cm³

·      Power Requirements: 120 W, 24 VDC, 5A

·      Weight: ~3,6 kg

Necessary accessory: 3 mm liquid light guide (not included)
Warranty: 12 months after delivery

We would appreciate to also support you with suitable filters from Semrock for you application.


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