MLase Excimer Laser MLI series

Reference: MLA-MLI

The modern and compact MLI Excimer Laser series from MLase are UV light sources at 193 nm or 248 nm with high pulse energies up to 16 mJ and repetition rates up to 1,000 Hz !

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Product description

MLase Excimer Laser MLI series


 Customer Benefits:

• Rigid, industry grade design

 ? High reliability

• Corona Preionization

 ? Homogeneous beam profile

• Modern Solid State Pulsed Power Module

 ? Immediate availability, no aging

• Tube Technology with higher gas capacity

 ? Tube all metal sealed for extended lifetimes

• Energy Monitor

 ? Energy stabilizing

• Compact Excimerlaser, Single Phase

 ? Easy to operate, easy to integrate


These compact stand-alone UV Lasers offer the best life times and reliability available on the market. With a homogeneous beam profile and energy stabilization, they are ideal for demanding applications. Simple connection via USB and control with the included software allow quick setup and easy Integration.

Customized OEM versions with individual features based on the standard products can also be offered. Integrators benefit from standardized interfaces and a strong local support team.

MLI models with the suffix "LC" also have the possibility of active water cooling (either via domestic water, or external heat exchanger, no DI water required) and thus allow a stable continuous operation at 100 % duty cycle.

Available wavelengths are 193 nm (gas: ArF - Argonflourid) and 248 nm (gas: KrF - Kryptonflourid). Other wavelengths are available on request.

Please consult Laser 2000 for support with planning and setting up an appropriate system for the supply of the laser gases.

System control is performed through a simple USB interface, RS232, or over a serial fiber optic connection. All changeable parameters (eg, repetition rate, pump voltage, etc.) and automatic gas exchange can be carried out using the software supplied.





Wavelength (nm)



Max. repetition rate (Hz)







Stabilized avg. power (W)







Stabilized Pulse Energy (mJ) 



Energy Stability (sigma, %)

Beam Dimensions (FWHM, V x H mm)


Beam Divergence (FWHM, V x H mrad)


Pulse Duration (FWHM) (ns)



Weight / Utilites / Dimensions: 



Dimensons (L x B x H)

560 x 315 x 445 mm³

560 x 355 x 445 mm²


ca. 75 kg

ca. 80 kg


forced air

water cooling

Power supply

230V, 50/60Hz, 2000W max.

230V, 50/60Hz, 2000W max.



 Lifetime Data: MLase typical competitor Values
 dynamic gas lifetime (stab. at 4 mJ) 50 – 100 MP ~ 20 MP
 static (passive) gas lifetime 2 – 3 months ~ 1 – 2 weeks
 resonator optics >> 200 MP ~ 100 MP
 resonator tube > 4 GP ~ 1 GP


Ophthalmic applications at Laser 2000:


Excimer Laser applications:

  • Eye surgery methods (ophthalmology) by means of LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis) and PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), in which the shape of the cornea is changed in favor of the optical properties. For this ArF lasers are used at 193 nm.
  • Visual inspection and metrology
  • Optics and micro-optics inspection
  • Laser patterning and scribing
  • Micromachining brittle materials, such as ceramic, metal, or plastic
  • Laser ablation / Pulsed laser deposition (ICP-MS)
  • Dermatology, e. g. treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo with XeCl-lasers at 308 nm
  • Immersion Lithography
  • Writing masks
  • Direct wafer processing


Links with further information about Excimer Lasers:

  • Our manufacturer MLase AG
  • Detailed description about the technology and applications for Excimer Lasers at RP-Photonics Encyclopedia
  • Detailed description about the technology and applications for Excimer Laser on Wikipedia

Downloads - MLase Excimer Laser MLI series


Excimer Laser Precision Glass Marking

Download (379.45k)

Datasheet MLase Excimer Laser

Download (1.45M)

Application and Performance Test Report for MLI 200 KrF

Download (236.44k)

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