Deep UV-Laser, 224 nm or 248 nm

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The Photon Systems Deep UV laser product family is a revolutionary new family of deep ultraviolet laser products.

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Product description
Deep ultraviolet for less.

The Photon Systems Deep UV laser product family is a revolutionary new family of deep ultraviolet laser products which provide the size, weight and the power consumption of a HeNe laser and the wavelengths and average power levels of table top excimer lasers, frequency doubled water cooled argon lasers, or fourth harmonic Nd:YAG lasers... at a fraction of the cost.
  • 248 nm (NeCu): 50 mW*, 250 mW* (Quasi CW)
  • 224 nm (HeAg): 10 mW*, 50 mW* (Quasi CW)
  • Narrow line width (<3 GHz)
  • Instant warm-up (<10 µs)
  • Very compact
  • Any operating orientation
  • Very rugged and reliable
  • Low power consumption (<100 W)
  • No standby or preheat power required
  • Wide ambient operating environment
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Low cost

This new DUV product family utilises the same construction ideas that have made HeNe lasers so rugged and reliable with coaxial gain medium and internal mirrors. But these new lasers provide output at wavelengths from 224 nm to 270 nm in the deep ultraviolet.

These new lasers provide their UV output with input power levels less than 100 W. Therefore there are no thermal management issues. No water cooling. No heat exchangers. The output of the lasers is quasi-steady with on-time duty cycles about 10-3 and on-time duration up to a few seconds. This compares to duty cycles for excimer, solid state or N2 lasers of 10-7. The output from these lasers is like a chopped source rather than a pulsed source.

* The specified power is the peak average output power of the laser during the on time pulse.

Native laser induced laser fluorescence exitation

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